More than 50 exotic snakes removed from Sioux City home

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 10:24 AM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - More than 50 snakes had to be removed from a Sioux City man’s home Monday night after police executed a criminal search warrant.

But the owner of these snakes says they aren’t dangerous and are only prohibited because of a city ordinance.

Parker Moos owns the snakes and says one of his younger siblings was watching the animals when one got out. A neighbor found it in his garage and that discovery started a panic.

Moos says that the snake was killed and then animal control was called. But instead of allowing him to come home from a vacation and handle the situation, Moos says police took over the scene.

According to a news release, police arrived at the home, which is located in the 4600 block of Harrison Street, at about 6 p.m. Monday. After obtaining a criminal search warrant, police and animal control seized over 50 ball python and boa constrictor snakes. They were transported to the Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center.

Moos says while those breeds sound scary, most of those snakes were babies and none of them were more than six feet long. He also claims none of those snakes are considered “aggressive.”

“To say that they’re an aggressive being is just crazy,” said Moos. “I mean, they’re really beautiful snakes that are awesome creatures. I love them. It’s seriously such a fun hobby.”

Moos says he’s aware that he was violating the city ordinance, but he’s launched a petition to change the rule.

Police are only calling this a “potential criminal investigation” right now. Moos says police indicated he would only face a simple misdemeanor at most, which is the least serious type of offense.

Moos sent us photos of the snakes he kept on the property which were taken by authorities. You can view those photos in the slideshow below.

The Sioux City Attorney’s Office didn’t respond to a request for an interview. The police department says all information gathered by police has been handed over to that office.

Moos says the police told him the worst charge he could face is a simple misdemeanor, the least severe criminal charge.

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