Family and friends come together to help those injured in Le Mars, IA house explosion

Published: Jul. 18, 2022 at 5:12 PM CDT
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LE MARS, Iowa (KTIV) - Megan Dimmick’s parents were injured during a house explosion in Le Mars, Iowa last week that sent them both to the hospital. But thankfully, relief efforts are underway.

There are two online fundraisers through the site “GoFundMe” that have been verified as legitimate if you’d like to help those impacted by the explosion.

Megan is the daughter of Jeff and Laura Dimmick. Their family bears a heavy burden after a natural gas explosion took the home they were renting on July 13.

KTIV learned some new details about the explosion by speaking with Megan. She says that her parents were outside milling around getting ready for work when the blast occurred. Additionally, she says the explosion happened while the landlord was investigating a suspicious smell, during which, the pilot light to the home’s water heater ignited.

Megan says her parents are thankful because if they were inside the home, things could have gone much differently. But they’re also thankful for the support they’ve been given from people they don’t even know.

“I mean, we’re in a hard time and anything helps and I wish I could tell them thanks and how much we really appreciate it. But like I said, there’s a lot of them that I don’t know, but we’re a small community and we have each other’s back,” said Megan.

Tia Hoogland is a long-time family friend of the Dimmicks and started the fundraiser with Megan’s permission, knowing Jeff and Laura may not go for it because they’re so selfless. Here’s what she has to say about the more than $2,000 they’ve already raised.

“And like Megan said, to just the thoughts and prayers, because Jeff and Laura do have a long road of recovery, medical expenses, so on and so forth,” said Tia.

GoFundMe told us there is another verified fundraiser for the Dimmick’s neighbor, Steve Waggoner.

Links to both GoFundMe pages can be found below:

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