Siouxland martial arts studio brings home world title thanks to South Sioux teen, and it’s not his first

Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 10:06 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - 11 years in the making, recent South Sioux City graduate Alejandro Campos at just the age of 18 is already a two-time world champion in Taekwondo. This time around, it means a little more.

“I would say definitely different, I put a lot more work towards this one.” Says Campos. “Younger kids it’s a lot less strategy things to think of. As you get older with the teenagers, the guys that are coming up with the adults, a lot more work.”

After winning his first title at the young age of 11 in traditional sparring, Campos had a lot of growing to do in the sport when he won in the combat sparring category this time round, and as the saying goes, hard work really pays off.

“He’s very physically talented, but he hasn’t always been just naturally, automatically gifted at this stuff. He’s just put in a ton of work, and it finally paid off fully this year.” Says Head Instructor/Pride Martial Arts Owner Ryan Johnson

While a second title is something that does not come around so easy, Alexandros teammates could tell that his eyes were set for the gold in that final round in Phoenix.

“I could tell his adrenaline was super high on that day, because I got to watch him win his title. I don’t think he let anything go, he was aggressive, he just brought home a lot of points.” Says Teammate Alainnah Joly

Now for someone who has been to this competition multiple times in their career -- you think they would be used to the lights and pressure that surrounds it -- but somethings just aren’t that easy

“Definitely does make me nervous. Especially at these national ones, and I’ve been doing this for years, so I still get nervous to this day.” Says Campos

His journey and nerves are not done yet. Campos will be joining the US National team for his age bracket and traveling to Brazil in the fall as well as other countries after that to represent his home town and country on different mats across the world.

Pride Martial Arts brought home Silver as well a couple weeks ago, as the team of Campos, Joly and Ben Sealine placed second in the teams competition, falling short by just one point.

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