Help Team Lolo on KTIV Blood Donor Day

“Before we even knew she had cancer, we knew that she needed blood,” said mom Erin Edlund.
Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 10:51 AM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - At five years old, Lolo was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Like many cancer patients, Lolo has benefited from selfless donations.

“Throughout the course of this last 15 months, she’s needed nine blood transfusions. The chemotherapy is really hard on her body. And it’s not uncommon for cancer patients to need that. And Lolo is certainly one of them,” said Erin Edlund, Lolo’s mom.

Today, Lolo is in remission. Lolo likes to bake chocolate cupcakes and play with her Barbies. She plays outside with her siblings a lot. If her blood is low -- she loses her energy for her favorite things.

Mom Erin wants people on the fence about donating to know they could be the reason her daughter beats cancer.

“Lolo is six years old, and she deserves to have the best treatment available to her. And blood is absolutely an important part of that. And so to all the donors out there, thank you, you’ve saved my child, nine times. And we’re so grateful,” said Edlund

Lolo has one more year left of treatment. However, blood donations are down and the need for blood remains.

“When we started Lolo’s treatment process, the pandemic was still ongoing, it still is ongoing. And so we know that shortages have been even more prevalent during that time,” said Edlund. “It’s a frightening feeling to know that she does require blood. And when it happens, it happens very quickly. So the fact that she may not have blood available to her is terrifying. Lolo could literally die without that needed resource.”

Click here to sign up for KTIV’s and LifeServe’s Blood Donor Day at Southern Hills Mall on August 5. You can also call 1-800-287-4903 to make an appointment.

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