Memorial service held for Michele Ebeling, a victim of the Laurel Homicides

Published: Aug. 27, 2022 at 6:20 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - The service today was held at United Methodist Church in Laurel just across the street from where Ebeling lived.

Pastor Patrick Broz lead the service and shared some thoughts the community could take a moment and reflect upon.

“And it’s the same love that Jesus has for Michele, that we can celebrate today. That inspite of the horrendous events that took place just cattycorner to this very building, that she is with God,” said Pastor Broz.

The community has been grieving the loss of 4 of its own for nearly a month now.

Many are still confused and wondering how a bad thing can happen in their small town.

Pastor Broz shed some light on the good that can come out of awful situations.

“You know, even in the worst situations there’s always a morsel of good. Brain getting to know you these last few weeks has been like a tall glass of lemonade in the mountains of Lemons you’ve been handed,” said Pastor Broz.

Ebeling’s loss not only effects the community but her partner Brain is now alone.

Brain knew that he could not speak at the service as he was not ready to.

Instead he wrote a poem that was read at the service by Pastor Broz.

“When you take your first step after waking up in the early morning sunlight, walk out of the house. The morning air fills your lungs. The suns beauty lights up the blue sky. Hiding all darkness of night, letting the trees and flowers how off their glamour, as if to say look at me,” said Pastor Broz as he read the poem.

The poem spoke of the journey God has planned and how Michele was called home as part of that plan.

The funeral for Michele Ebeling will take place in Atchison, Kansas.

The suspect Jason Jones, who police arrested in laurel for killing four people is still in a Nebraska hospital after he was burned the day of the homicides.