Iowa police officer resigns after sexual misconduct allegation

Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 4:20 PM CDT
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DENISON, IA (KTIV) - A Denison Iowa police officer resigned in the face of sexual assault allegations.

Sergeant Daniel McGinnis had worked for the Denison Police Department since 2016, but he resigned on August 9 after his department began to investigate allegations he had sexual contact with two women while on duty.

One of the women alleged the sex was non-consensual, while the other said it was.

There was a “Law Enforcement Officer” change of status form submitted by the Denison Police Chief. It shows the department was investigating Sgt. McGinnis, and that McGinnis resigned instead of being fired. But later that same day, the Chief changed the story, instead saying McGinnis just resigned without any threat of him being fired.

That distinction is significant: If McGinnis resigned instead of being fired, the reason for that termination would be public. But since the police chief says he just quit on his own accord, the department isn’t required to release the reason he left.

A spokesperson for the Iowa Attorney General’s office says the AG has taken over the case and will decide if any charges will be brought against Sgt. McGinnis. The Denison police chief did not to our requests for comment.