Young axe thrower breaks barriers becoming one of the youngest to compete in national competitions

Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 9:09 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 14, 2022 at 6:31 PM CDT
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ANTHON, Iowa (KTIV) - Axe throwing is a unique talent that most people enjoy as just a fun hobby, but one young girl in Anthon, Iowa is breaking all barriers, becoming one of the youngest throwers to compete.

Axe throwing is something unique, but it has come naturally to Ella Campbell who first picked up an axe when she was 6 years old. Now at 10 years old, she’s competing all across the country.

“Well, I went with my cousins and stuff. And they asked if we wanted to go throw axes. And we did. And I stuck it the first try and I got it down,” said Ella Campbell, 10 Year Old Axe Thrower.

From the first time she tried it, Ella Campbell was a natural at landing the axe perfectly in the center.

“All that counts is that you stick it in the board,” said Campbell.

2019 was her first competition at the U.S. Open in Des Moines. A sponsor even paid for her to be there since she was the youngest person to ever compete at a national tournament.

Ella Campbell shows her axe throwing skills with others at an event
Ella Campbell shows her axe throwing skills with others at an event(Sara Gerke)

“The first guy that she went up against was the world champion from the year before. He is six something and she was just tiny at the age of seven,” said Sara Gerke, Ella’s Mom.

She’s become a youth ambassador for the sport, encouraging other young people to get involved. For Ella, it doesn’t matter who her competition is, she just wants to have fun and stick it.

“All she cared about was getting the throw, she didn’t care she won. She’s like, ‘Mom, I don’t care who I throw against, I just want to keep winning,’” said Gerke.

Ella has several sponsors and competes all across the nation, with her next big tournament in Fargo, North Dakota at the end of the month. Her dad even built her own axe throwing set up in their home where she’s always perfecting her craft, and helping others along the way

Ella’s upcoming competition schedule includes Fargo, North Dakota, and a 300+ person competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She also hopes to qualify for Worlds in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Ella Campbell shows off a medal from an axe throwing competition
Ella Campbell shows off a medal from an axe throwing competition(Sara Gerke)