Briar Cliff wins Game of Dreams against Luther

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 11:29 PM CDT
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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KTIV) - It came pretty close to feeling like Heaven right here in Iowa on Friday night as the Briar Cliff Chargers enjoyed an unforgettable memory of playing in the first ever college baseball game at the field of dreams, something the fans enjoyed just as much.

From the moment the players emerged from the corn, it was hard to not feel the electric environment.

“Oh it’s so great, and then to just watch the kids out there enjoying it,” said Chris Dixon a Briar Cliff parent. “They said it’s electric out there. I don’t think alot of them have been in this big of a stadium, with this many fans, and then to play on the field of dreams, it’s just great.”

A historical day like this one brought families in from all over to witness the magic themselves.

“People are here from New York, Florida, Arizona, they’re just loving it.” said Dixon. “Just the feel of everything about this place.”

If you took a look around, the true love of the game was on display in every direction.

“This is like the quintessential Iowa... beautiful day,” said Kevin Neegard of the Miracle League. “Two small college teams just coming out and playing baseball because they love it. And so pretty exciting times here.”

Even a Hall of Famer was in attendance as Tony Oliva threw-out the first pitch.

“Oh, it’s something special. It’s special to be here in front of all my friends. It was special that they invited me to be here and be a part of a historic day like today. It’s something that when you have this opportunity, it’s better to take it,” said Tony Oliva, Former Minnesota Twins baseball player & MLB Hall of Famer.

And just as if Tony Oliva were playing in the game himself, he had a few wise words to share with the players.

“I would go enjoy it. One hundred percent. The first thing I like to do is hit the ball in the corn field.”

The Chargers hit several balls out into the corn as the toppled Luther College 15-1.