Annette Schnee’s killer convicted, leaving the Schnee’s with closure after 40 years

Published: Sep. 18, 2022 at 5:28 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - DNA evidence was the missing piece of the puzzle in finding Anette Schnee’s killer.

“There was no DNA evidence on her body, and back then they didn’t even think about DNA 40 years ago,” said Russ Schnee, Annette’s older brother.

When Annette’s family hired a private detective decades ago, they had no idea decades later there prayers would be answered.

“I’m grateful that he was arrested, I’m grateful that the jury convicted him, I’m grateful that he’s gonna be life in prison,” said Schnee.

It all started in1982 on a quiet road in Colorado. 21-year-old Annette Schnee who grew up in Sioux City was hitchhiking and went missing.

Later that night, 29-year-old Bobbi Jo Oberholtzer was hitchhiking home in the same area when she disappeared.

her body was found the next day with two gunshot wounds.

But what happened to Annette? about six months after she’d gone missing, her body was found, she had been killed by a single gunshot to the back.

The case went cold, but over the years was revisited many times.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that a forensic science company was given the ok to extract DNA from the case evidence and that was what brought them to Alan Phillips, a mechanic in Colorado.

“Missy Woods was the DAN lady from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and inside her jacket from the exit wound they found a small bone chip,” said Schnee.

That bone chip of Annette Schnee was crucial in being able to use DNA evidence in the courtroom.

Phillips was finally and definitively connected to both murders and arrested last year and charged, and then, Thursday, September 15th, there was justice.

In that courtroom, Russ got to see his sisters killer be convicted, hopefully lifting a burden off of his and his families shoulders.

“For 40 years, it’s pretty much haunted our family, when you can’t sleep at night you one of the things you think about is you look at everything that the newspaper wrote, how could it happen and there were times that I’ve caught myself talking to my sister, give me a clue,” said Schnee.

He is most relieved for his mother who is 89, and never thought she would see her daughters killer held responsible.

The family is grateful for all the work put in to bring Annette’s killer to justice.

Sentencing for Alan Philips is scheduled for November 7th where he faces life in prison.