‘Removing the Barriers’ raising funds to open water park for disabled people

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 5:37 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - It’s day three of five for a few people who are paddling across the Missouri River to raise money.

The goal for the fundraiser is $180,000, which would be used to build a water park called Stirring Waters, which serves people with disabilities.

The Peacemaker Paddle organization is making a big splash to raise funds for the disabled.

Paddlers involved with the effort began their journey down the Missouri River on Sept. 17, when they left from the Chief White Crane Recreation Area.

One of the participants on the paddle down the river feels a special connection with the mission.

“Fifty years ago on Saturday, Sept. 17 I was hit by a car going about 70 miles per hour. When I found out that it was on Sept. 17, God spoke to me. He said that now is a time to make a difference for those with disabilities,” said Eddie Hall, a paddle participant.

The paddle down the river is 150 miles long, providing time for coordinators, volunteers, and participants to build relationships.

Bill Redmon, one of the event coordinators, has decided helping others will be something he does for the rest of his life.

“Well I got to be honest with you, it makes me feel humbled quite honestly. I don’t know a better word to use, and I don’t have a disability background. I just see the need and feel like, guys we should be doing something,” said Redmon.

That proactive mindset is what helped bring this fundraiser come to life. After conducting focus groups, it was determined a number of problems negatively affect disabled people at water parks.

“They might have an electric wheelchair and no place to plug it in to recharge it. It could be as simple as that. It could be as simple as being overcrowded,” said Redmon.

Redmon says Stirring Waters has the potential to be a welcoming spot for everyone, not just a few.

If you would like to donate to the cause click here.