Sioux City mayor designates Supercentenarian with Oct. 4 observance day

Oct. 4 has been proclaimed Rose DeGrasse Day in Sioux City by Mayor Robert E. Scott.
Oct. 4 has been proclaimed Rose DeGrasse Day in Sioux City by Mayor Robert E. Scott.(Steve DeGrasse)
Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 10:39 AM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - A former Sioux City resident who will be celebrating her 110th birthday on Oct. 4 will be celebrated with an observance day in her honor.

Sioux City Mayor Robert Scott has proclaimed Oct. 4 as Rose DeGrasse Day. DeGrasse lived for nearly 97 years in Sioux City, before relocating to San Antonio, Texas.

DeGrasse will achieve “Supercentenarian” status or someone who has reached or exceeded 110 years of age.

According to gerontologists, (physicians and researchers who study the world’s oldest humans) there are likely less than 70 Supercentenarians still living in the United States and roughly 450 in the developed world.

Along with five brothers and sisters, DeGrasse attended Immaculate Conception Grade School, East Junior High School, and East High School in Sioux City. She followed with two years at the University of Iowa where she studied psychiatric social work. Then-Rose Rizk graduated in 1934 from the all-girls Briar Cliff College in a class of 12 women where she served as senior class president and women’s golf champion.

Over the decades, DeGrasse served on numerous committees at Sioux City’s Immaculate Conception and Mater Dei parishes, in addition to being an RCIA sponsor.

Upon turning 110 years old, DeGrasse will begin the process to “validate” her achievement with early, mid-life, and current documentation.

DeGrasse attributes her long life to a close-knit family, a strong belief in God, good friends, a healthy Mediterranean diet, and a lifetime of golf and walking.

In addition to dinner with her extended family, DeGrasse will hold Zoom and Facetime calls with family and friends around the country to commemorate the special day.