Former South Sioux City assistant coach sentenced in Dakota County for sexual assault involving students

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 11:32 AM CDT
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DAKOTA CITY, Neb. (KTIV) - A judge has sentenced a former South Sioux City, Nebraska, assistant coach, for sexual assault. This brings an end to Nathan Rogers’ case, which found its way to state and federal courts.

A Dakota County Judge sentenced Nathan Rogers to 180 months in prison after he pled guilty to two counts of sexual assault. But, he’s going to spend all of his time in the federal prison system thanks to an agreement between prosecutors in his state and federal cases. In total he’ll spend just under 13 years in prison.

Listen closely as Judge Bryan Meismer imposed the state court sentence Tuesday.

“In count one.. for a period of 180 months, and in count one in CR 21137, for a like period of 180 months,” the judge said.

Rogers attorney argued he’s at a low risk to re-offend, supported by conclusions in a pre-sentence report prepared by a probation officer. The defense asked for a sentence closer to 36 months.

Prosecutors said the severity of Rogers’ conduct, sexually assaulting two teenagers from a position of power, warranted a more severe sentence.

“And when you’re when you’re dealing with teenagers, it becomes a complicated situation. That being said, the statute says what it says, and these are what they call status offenses, and under 16 means it’s a crime,” the judge said.

Under Nebraska law, the attorneys said Rogers would normally serve about half of the imposed sentence. But because he also pled guilty to child pornography charges stemming from the same assaults in federal court, he’ll serve at least 85% of a separate 180 month sentence imposed by the federal judge.

After the hearing was over, Rogers’ mother approached KTIV’s Matt Hoffmann and told him her son had been in a “relationship” with one of the teenage victims. She also says the full story has not yet been told.

The judge ordered Rogers into the custody of the Dakota County Sheriff, who will then transfer him to federal custody.

All these charges stem back from incidents that occurred almost two years. In the first case, documents state a 15-year-old girl revealed she went to Rogers’ house, in December of 2020, to get a vape pen from Rogers. Documents say Rogers sexually assaulted the teenager, but she was able to escape.

During the investigation into Rogers’ first sexual assault allegation, investigators obtained his cell phone. On it, investigators say they found numerous video clips of Rogers engaging in intercourse with a different minor.