Sioux City Council approves parking fee increases

Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 9:04 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Sioux City City Council Members approved fee increases for parking violations and the use of parking meters and ramps on Monday night.

1, 2, and 4-hour meter fees will increase from $.75 cents to $1 dollar.

30-minute meters will increase from $.60 cents to $.80 cents

10-hour meters will increase from $.50 cents to $.75 cents.

Bagged meter fees will increase by $6 dollars per day.

Overtime fines for meters will be $12 dollars if paid in the first 30 days. After 30 days, it will now be $21, and after 90 days it will be $42.

Monthly Ramp parking rates in Rivers Landing and Discovery Ramps will be $2 more.

Heritage and MLK monthly ramp rates will be $60 dollars for one space, $54 for 2-100 spaces, $48 for 101-199 spaces, and $45 for 200 plus spaces.

Current rates stay in place for about a month.

“Wouldn’t think they would go in effect probably any sooner than that,” said mayor, Bob Scott. “Simply because you need to mail bills out to all the renters and that so it actually won’t be until the 1st of December.”

The last rate increase for on-street meter fees was May 2007, and for ramps and parking fines, it was 2019.

The revenue collected from the rate increases will go into a parking fund and will be used for parking ramp repairs.