DECISION 2022: Iowa State House District 2 Candidate Bob Henderson

Published: Nov. 1, 2022 at 6:49 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Republican Bob Henderson is running for the District 2 seat in the Iowa State House.

“Bob, why are you the best candidate for the Iowa House?” asked Breen. “Well, there’s a couple of reasons I believe,” said Bob Henderson, (R) Iowa House District 2 Candidate. “The number one reason is that I have a lot of experience in a lot of different areas... not all related. Some people might think, and my opponent thinks, that I’m just a retired math teacher. But, I’ve had three years of experience in the business world selling insurance. I’ve coached college football for 10 years. I’m a professional pianist. I spent three years as a regional director for Senator Grassley. So, I’ve had a variety and a wealth of experience in a whole lot of different areas. That’s one of the reasons. The second reason is, as we all well know, Republicans are going to be in the majority. And, if there is anything that’s going to be accomplished down there, I’m going to be in a great position to impact those decisions. I am a conservative. I’m a fiscal conservative. But, I’m not an unrealistic one. I am one that deals with reality. So, there are things that I actually disagreed with that happened in this legislative in the last term... that I believe was done, perhaps, with zealous oversight. Nevertheless, that’s one reason I think I am better prepared to do that than somebody who, quite honestly, argues against things down there, and then turns around and votes for them for political purposes. That’s not something that I believe I think we should be doing.”

“What’s “job one” if you’re elected?” asked Breen. “You mean what’s my priority?” said Henderson. “I’m confident of this. My priority, because of my educational background, is in helping parents begin to take charge of their children’s education. I believe the best people to determine how children should be learning are the parents. And, one of the things that you hear a lot from the other side, especially from my opponent, is schools... we need to fund more schools. We need to put more money into schools. Schools have to be... we have to pay more for salaries, and so forth. I’m not against the funding of schools, but I’m not for that. I’m for educating children, I’m for educating students. And, as I said, the first line of defense for... and you only get one chance, you know, as a parent. Like it, or not, they grow up. And, we really need to enable parents to have the resources and the opportunities to have their children educated in the best possible way.”

“You mentioned that Republican majority in Des Moines,” said Breen. “Now, your constituents may be Republicans, Democrats, or Independents. Will you push for their priorities even if they conflict with your own?” “Absolutely,” said Henderson. “There’s no question about that. I will say this though, over the last six years, since we’ve had this majority down there, I can’t think of too many things that have not benefited the people in this area. But, I can envision that there might be something that might be in opposition to what I think, and certainly maybe what the rest of the legislature might think. I would certainly stand for that. No question.”