DECISION 2022: Iowa State House District 2 Candidate Steve Hansen

Published: Nov. 1, 2022 at 7:03 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - District 2 Iowa State Representative Steve Hansen, of Sioux City, is running for reelection to his seat in the Iowa House.

” Representative Hansen, why are you the best candidate for the Iowa House?” asked Matt Breen. “Well, certainly I have the proven experience,” said Rep. Steve Hansen, (D) Iowa House District 2 Candidate. “I served 16 years prior, and then got out to take over the (Sioux City Public) Museum. And then decided to get back in again. So, combined with all of the work I’ve done over the years and different leadership posts-- state chairmanships of different committees-- and so I think I definitely have the experience. And, I’m looking forward to hopefully earning people’s trust and going back down.”

“What’s “job one” if you’re re-elected and get back down to Des Moines?” asked Breen. “I think education is still the focus,” said Hansen. “There are a lot of issues going on down there. Why aren’t we ‘number one’ anymore? We need-- with Sioux City in particular-- we’ve invested heavily in the infrastructure. We can be proud of our schools. Now we need to invest in what’s important, and that’s the kids, the students. And, give teachers the resources they need to make sure we get that done. And then, of course, mental health has always been a big issue with me. We made some nice strides in the last two years. We shifted the cost of mental health from the county to the state. And, I voted for that. So, as a legislator we have to make sure the state keeps its commitment to funding that-- mental health-- and even doing better on that.”

“Democrats remain in the minority in the Senate and the House,” said Breen. “How will you get things done for your constituents in Des Moines?” “I think it’s pretty easy,” said Hansen. “You check your ego at the door. I’ve been in the minority, I’ve been in the majority twice, You can get work done if you don’t feel compelled to put your name on a bill, which I don’t. There no pride in authorship. And, you build relationships with the other side, and within your own caucus, too. You can get plenty done. We saw that with the income tax cuts. Worked with some other people. I voted for the tax cuts. For years we talked about parity with South Dakota, and how we keep our people here, so I thought that was a good option. So, I worked with them. I didn’t get everything I wanted. But, that’s no surprise. You just have to work at it. It’s just like any other profession, or in a marriage, or whatever it is. You have to work with all the partners involved, and you compromise when you have to. You can get stuff done.”