DECISION 2022: Woodbury County Attorney Candidate James Loomis

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 6:32 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Republican James Loomis is running for Woodbury County Attorney.

”James, why are you the best candidate for the job of Woodbury County Attorney?” asked Matt Breen. “I believe I’m the best candidate to be Woodbury County Attorney because of, one, my strong relationship with law enforcement,” said James Loomis, (R) Woodbury County Attorney Candidate. “I know how to partner with them. I know how to work with them. I know how to prosecute cases because of that relationship. And not just that. I also know how to prosecute tough cases. The challenging cases that I’m willing to take to trial. I’m not afraid to go to trial. I’m willing to go to trial. And, so I believe that makes me the best candidate to be Woodbury County Attorney because I’m willing to go to trial and fight to get justice for victims and hold criminals accountable for what they’ve done.”

“If you’re elected, what’s ‘job one’?” asked Breen. “‘Job one’ for a county attorney is to serve,” said Loomis. “And my role in running, and the reason that I ran is ‘how do we serve better?’ ‘How do we serve all of Woodbury County better?’. And, my goal, if elected Woodbury County Attorney, is threefold. One, communication. Two, engagement. And, three, partnership. When you have those three things you’re working with all of the community. And, by doing that, what you do is you create an environment by which you’re working together to hold people accountable for what they’ve done, keep our families safe.. keep our families safer, and keep the community safer by doing that. So, at the end of the day what I want to do is serve the people better, and I believe that’s how we do it, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 19 years as a prosecutor in the county attorney’s office.”

“As Woodbury County Attorney, the county’s top law enforcement officer, what is your relationship like with local police departments, and the county sheriff’s office?” asked Breen. “The relationship that I have with law enforcement in Woodbury County, local, state and federal, is excellent,” said Loomis. “I believe I have a relationship the positions me to do the job well. As you might know, I have the endorsement of over 100 officers here in Woodbury County. 105 of them have publicly come out and endorsed me. That’s a relationship that’s been built over time. You don’t get those endorsements if you don’t have those relationships with them. So, I believe, moving forward, that relationship will enable me to be an excellent, and effective, county attorney. So, at the end of the day what I wanted to do is to continue to build on that relationship that I have by continuing to meet with them, and work with them on a regular basis. All of the law enforcement agencies in Woodbury County. The Sioux City Police Department, the sheriff’s department, the Moville Police Department and the Sergeant Bluff Police Department. You have to work with all of those agencies because they all have different needs, they all have different concerns. So, you want to build on that relationship, and that’s what I would do as county attorney.”

If you want to hear from Loomis’s opponent, Patrick “PJ” Jennings, follow this link.