DECISION 2022: Woodbury County Attorney Candidate Patrick “PJ” Jennings

Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 6:38 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Democratic incumbent Woodbury County Attorney Patrick “PJ” Jennings is running for another term in office.

”PJ, why are you the best candidate for the job of Woodbury County Attorney?” asked Matt Breen. “Well Matt, I would like to rephrase that and say, ‘why am I the best person for the position’,” said Patrick “PJ” Jennings, (D) Woodbury County Attorney Candidate. “And, I say that because I have a good feel for what this county is about. I’ve been here since 1987. And I think I understand what the people need better than James. Although, I like James a lot. But, as far as my role in the community, I’ve been out there. I’ve been out there with families. I’ve been out there with kids, as well as, many organizations within the community. I think I have the heartbeat of the community, and so that’s why I believe I’m the best candidate. Because it’s not just about prosecuting criminals. That’s what we do, that’s what the public expects us to do. But that’s not all we do. And, if we limit it to that I don’t think we’re fulfilling our role as the county attorney.”

“You sound like you have a lot of priorities as county attorney,” said Breen. “If you’re reelected, what’s ‘job one’?”“Job one internally... and I’m going to speak internally because we’ve had a few people leave the office,” said Jennings. “Making sure that my employees are happy, and engaged with what they do, is my priority. So, that’s job number one. I’ve done a lot of things over the years. I’ve always treated this position as all the other employees come before myself. So, I’ve enhanced training. We’ve gone out of town. I don’t believe-- before I took this position-- that we had as many employees go for training out of town. We do those kinds of things. Plus, we’ve included support staff. Support staff didn’t use to go to events. They’re part of the office, sometimes more so than some of us as prosecutors. So, keeping those folks happy and engaged... I think that’s my number one priority.”

“As Woodbury County Attorney, the county’s top law enforcement officer, what is your relationship like with local police departments, and the county sheriff’s office?” asked Breen. “I have a great relationship with them,” said Jennings. “Regardless of what you hear out there, I’m not a person out there seeking out endorsements. I’ve never done that. I didn’t do that when I first ran for the office. But, I also partner with those folks. We’ve done PSAs (public service announcements) together. Sheriff Drew and I did a PSA... I think it was a national program for identification of children. We worked on guns. We worked on keeping guns out of kids’ hands because there’s a lot of danger with that. And, I’ve done many things with law enforcement. We brought what the attorney general’s office told me was the largest symposium for elder abuse training for all Siouxland officers. Not just Sioux City. Other states came to that. And, I was very proud of that. So, my relationship with law enforcement has always been good.”

If you want to hear from Jennings’s opponent, James Loomis, follow this link.