Agencies investigate Woodbury County poll workers; no effect on election results

In this photo from before election day, poll workers test equipment at the Woodbury County...
In this photo from before election day, poll workers test equipment at the Woodbury County Courthouse.(KTIV)
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 3:39 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Authorities are investigating Woodbury County election officials after a firearms group alleged they gave improper information about a gun rights amendment.

But, it’s important to note, the allegations, even if true, did not affect the outcome of the vote. The Iowa Firearms Coalition says election workers told three of their members the “Freedom Amendment” would allow felons to posses firearms.

And the IFC says it’s not about the content of the conversation, they say Iowa law prevents poll workers from describing any ballot measures or candidates at all. The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed an investigation is underway.

Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill also confirmed an investigation but said his poll workers are properly trained.

“So I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. But we do want to make sure that this was fully investigated. And if there was anything that was wrong here, which it sounds like there probably was, were the proper steps are taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again and what was the intent of the person doing it?” said Dave Funk, the president of the IFC.

Again, it’s important to note the “Freedom Amendment” passed with about 65 percent of the vote, and there are no allegations of widespread misinformation from Woodbury County poll workers.

The IFC says it’s important to make sure these election officials are held accountable and prevent this issue from happening again in the future.