Shortage of ADHD medication could last into early part of 2023

Adderall bottles.
Adderall bottles.
Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 10:41 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A nationwide shortage of Adderall and other generic brands of ADHD medications has people scrambling to find the medicine they’ve been prescribed.

Roger Thompson, Reutzel Pharmacy pharmacy technician, said there were two reasons for the shortage: more people were taking the medicine and there have been manufacturing delays at the pharmaceutical company that makes most Adderall.

“I have trouble studying now, especially without it,” Patrick McNulty, University of Iowa student, said.

McNulty is one of the million Americans who have been diagnosed with ADHD. He was prescribed Adderall as a freshman in 2016 and takes the medicine daily. In November, he said he was having trouble getting his much-needed drug.

“I was unable to get it when I was in Iowa City,” McNulty said. “It was a tough three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break and making sure I was on top of my stuff. I felt disorganized and life, overall, felt harder.”

McNulty said he was taking a different medication in the meantime and was able to get the correct prescription while on Thanksgiving break in Illinois. Thompson said the FDA announced the shortage in October.

“There was an uptick in prescriptions for Adderall and ADHD usage,” Thompson said. “That on top of the DEA regulating how much of a drug certain manufacturers are making.”

Thompson said he was only able to get one brand of ADHD medication in his last order despite attempting to find 10 different types. In the meantime, he said people need to do their due diligence to get the much-needed meds.

“Reach out to your provider or your pharmacist,” Thompson said. “They’re going to be your experts and be able to help you track the medicine down.”

Thompson said there wasn’t just a shortage of Adderall. He said there was an uptick in demand for the common antibiotic drug, Amoxicillin.