Crews prepare as winter weather expected to impact roads

Published: Dec. 13, 2022 at 5:51 PM CST
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(KTIV) - With snow in the forecast for the next few days, crews in South Dakota are ready to keep the roads clear.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol has been in contact with both the Department of Transportation and storm trackers to make sure roads are safe and cleared. Crews are expected to be out Tuesday until the late night hours and will get back on the roads first thing in the morning.

Additionally, the highway patrol will have as many troopers out as possible to check conditions and assist with accidents Sergeant Tyler Boltjes said it’s important for drivers to take proper precautions when they head out on the roads.

”We know it’s going to be wet today, but overnight there is going to be some freezing,” said Boltjes. “And then we expect maybe snow to roll in tomorrow. That along with the wet conditions is going to make more slick roads. So again, we just want to get the message out to people to take their time, drive slow, give yourself extra time if you got to go somewhere, and be sure to always wear your seatbelt.”

Some other tips?

Keep your headlights on, and avoid cruise control. Additionally, crews in Iowa are also preparing for the weather ahead.

Woodbury County has 24 plows, as well as enough salt and sand mixture prepared to last two-to-three days. With temperatures expected to quickly drop as we get into the night, they’re doing what they can to keep roads open in the overnight hours.

“The guys will be out hitting hills, curves and intersections and trying to get some grip on those to get people through the night,” said Mark Nahra, Woodbury County Engineer. “We’re already planning to get out and hit the paved roads first thing in the morning because we know that temperatures are going to be dropping here as we get into this afternoon, this evening.”

Woodbury County’s plows work on over 1,000 miles of roads and state highways including Old Highway 75, Port Neal Road and Old Lakeport Road. Crews hope the work their doing will allow schools to open, on time, tomorrow.