Iowa State Patrol urges drivers to be diligent over holiday weekend

Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 6:17 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Before you hit the road, know what the roads are like ahead of you.

The Iowa State Patrol asks drivers to check the condition of the roads on the route to their destination. Some roads may be clear of ice and snow but, the cold can still affect your car. And if someone does get stuck in their car, bitter temperatures can creep in. Because of this, troopers urge everyone to be prepared.

“Making sure that your cell phone is fully charged, making sure you can call 911 to ask for help. State Patrol and law enforcement, other law enforcement agencies will be out to assist you,” said Karen Yaneff, Trooper with Iowa State Patrol. “If you happen to get stuck, extra blankets, water, candy bars, anything that’s going to help you. A shovel would be good too and its going to prepare you to stay warm until law enforcement can get out there to help you out.”

The Iowa State Patrol will be out all weekend if any drivers do need help.

“We will be out 24/7 so all of us troopers will be out checking the roads. So we will be up and down the interstates, major highways, secondaries just making sure if there are any broken down vehicles we are going to make sure we can help them as quickly as possible,” said Yaneff.

Troopers understand that travelers want to get to their holiday destination. But they urge drivers to still be cautious and be ready to change their travel plans.