Five drivers, four trucks and tons of sand: How North Sioux City gets the roads open

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 5:57 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - North Sioux City doesn’t exactly have an entire fleet of snowplow drivers, there are five drivers and four trucks but just because they’re a smaller city that doesn’t mean they’re any less busy we rode along to find out just what it takes to keep these streets open.

“Oh, I would say the traffic sometimes gets pretty tough in some areas, going in the business district rather now. It hasn’t been any bigger challenges that we can’t navigate. So that’s been good,” said Rusty Montagne, the public works director for North Sioux City.

Because the Sioux City Transit System links all three Siouxland states, North Sioux works on getting those routes open first after a storm. Then comes the business district, and finally, residential areas.

“We’ll go by the safety area first fire department then hit them secondary roads, then back to the bus route. And then we’ll hit the tier three roads, which is usually the residential areas,” said Montagne.

North Sioux uses about two and a half tons of sand each snowstorm, carried by 26,000 pound trucks. Because there are only five snow plow drivers, there’s not really a shift system. The drivers head out at once, making for long days and nights.

And here in North Sioux you do have to get your vehicle off the road if there’s a storm emergency so that the plow can access even those residential streets.