Students at Wayne State College reports dorm thefts

It was initially reported that CRDN was also contacted, but we had failed to report CRDN’s comment.
Wayne State Dorm Theft Claims
Wayne State Dorm Theft Claims
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 10:00 AM CST
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WAYNE, NE (KTIV) - Cold weather near the end of December caused several pipes to burst on the Wayne State College campus. That damaged dorm rooms on the 3rd floor of Anderson Hall, and forced more than 40 students to move out. But, it’s what those students discovered when they returned to their rooms that’s raised concerns.

A pipe burst over winter break in Anderson Hall on Wayne State’s Campus, has left many rooms deemed unlivable The biggest issue, according to several students, is that the third party company hired to clean these rooms, may have stolen items out of those rooms.

“I have noticed several things missing, my checkbooks are a big one, along with my checkbooks, personal jewelry,” said Dusty Butler, Anderson Hall Resident.

“I definitely personally had money taken from out of my desk, all the other materials in my desk were made of paper and were not damaged at all, so there was no water damage to anything in my desk,” said Kaden Swanson, Anderson Hall Resident. But, yet for some reason, my cash was missing.”

These are just a few of the allegations students have made. It’s a stressful situation for students impacted.

“I have been through so many different people trying to get answers,” said Butler. “I have been all across this campus, I ended up calling the Wayne Police Department, they told me that I need to contact campus security.”

Butler said when she contacted campus security, they would not file a report because the company is out of its jurisdiction.

To take care of the damage done by the burst pipe, Wayne State spokesman Jay Collier said the college contracted with ServPro, which then subcontracted CRDN. Collier said Wayne State has no legal liability to pay for any lost or damaged items. But, they do have a claims process where students can get reimbursed.

“We created a process to make this as easy and stream lined as possible for students, and that will be the process in which they seek restitution or reimbursement for those items that they’re still missing, and that includes items they allege to have been stolen from their rooms,” said Collier.

Collier acknowledged that the situation can be frustrating, but assured them that the college is going above and beyond to be accommodating to all those effected by the situation.

“We understand their frustration,” said Collier. “I understand you go away for break, you come back, you have property that’s wet damaged missing, you’re frustrated. You feel like the college should be doing more, but behind the scenes we are, literally.”

Collier declined to comment on the allegations of theft, but did say the college hand-selected the most reputable company they could find.

We have reached out to ServPro and CRDN for comment. ServPro said, “The safety and security of our customers and their property is our top priority. SERVPRO takes very seriously the responsibility we have to customers.”

SERVPRO says one of its independently owned and operated franchises, CRDN, was contracted to perform mitigation after the pipe burst at Wayne State.

SERVPRO says It’s working with the subcontractor, and the college, to resolve the situation.

It was initially reported that CRDN was also contacted, but we had failed to report CRDN’s comment. The updated comment from CRDN follows:

“CRDN of Central & Western Iowa has been working in tandem and full cooperation with Wayne State College (WSC) and the other involved vendors throughout this matter. CRDN of Central & Western Iowa provided emergency restoration services for over 100 dorm rooms of individual students in approximately a one-week period, and understands that concerns were raised related to certain individual items.”

“As students were previously notified by WSC, WSC has initiated a detailed claims process with the State of Nebraska, to which CRDN of Central & Western Iowa is committed to adhering. To that end, students are directed to submit any claims through the claims process. CRDN of Central & Western Iowa looks forward to seeing the claims process through completion to identify legitimate claims, with the ultimate goal of making right by the students of WSC.”

“CRDN of Central & Western Iowa is an independently owned and operated franchise of Certified Restoration Dry cleaning Network, LLC, d/b/a CRDN. The corporate offices of CRDN support the actions of CRDN of Central & Western Iowa and are likewise committed to seeing this matter to resolution.”