IGHSAU holds first day of first ever girls wrestling state tournament

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 11:21 PM CST
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CORALVILLE, IA (KTIV) -Well it was just national girls and women in sports day yesterday, but the celebrations are still going on as Iowa girls continue to make history at the first-ever state wrestling tournament.

It was a sold-out crowd for day one of the first-ever Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union state wrestling tournament, and girls were making history as they made their way through rounds one and two.

We’ll start things off in 110, Trista Guinn of Graettinger–Terril Ruthven-Ayrshire gets a nice takedown here and then starts working it to get the pin at 2:45 to move on to the quarterfinals.

Over in 115, 5:45 into this one Molly Sek of Sioux City North gets the tech fall stopping the match at a 20 to 4 decision.

“I’m so excited, I see so much progress just in myself from last year, I didn’t even get close to the quarterfinals. And then going into this year I’m now going to the quarterfinals, it feels really good,” said Sek.

To 125, Tatum Shepherd from Ridge View won’t let her opponent go anywhere as she handles business quickly getting the pin at 1:16.

The Raptors would be strong all day, at 145 Isabella Deeds keeps her opponent right where she wants her pinning those shoulders down. And she gets to keep moving her name in the bracket.

To 170, Central Lyon George Little Rock’s Louise Meyer wasted no time at all, just 0:53 seconds into this one she gets the pin, and that leaves the crowd going crazy.

Over to 190, West Lyon’s Jana TerWee giving everything she had taking these one to three overtimes, and she would be fighting hard to take this one in a 5 to 1 decision. And it’s all smiles writing her name in the bracket.

“By the time I got into overtime it was just like keep fighting. I mean, I walk into a match and am like ‘wrestle hard for 6 minutes.’ That was more than 6 minutes so once I hit the 6 minutes,” said TerWee. “I’m like I made it this far, just keep fighting.”

And wrapping things up at 235, Hannah Illg-Keith of Sioux Central works hard for four minutes in this one, keeping her opponent on the ground as she muscles her down for the pin. And all the emotions come out getting to give family a big hug to celebrate moving on.

“I just loved the feeling after a good hard fight, being able to pin her. It was just,” said Illg-Keith. “I was so surprised I actually got it so it was really nice.”

Rounds one and two passed us and the wrestling keeps getting more and more intense as the girls made their way through the quarterfinals hoping to keep moving their names through those brackets.

Let’s get right to it in 115, Molly Sek of Sioux City North keeps doing her thing as she gets the take down, then keeps shifting around to hold on for the pin. And all of the emotions for the hard work can paying off as she’s on to the semifinals.

To 135, Shaylee Sutherland of Spencer goes to battle with Alexis Ross, the one seed out of Fort Dodge. She would give her everything she had never surrendering her strength but eventually falls in a 10 to 2 decision. Lots to be proud of this year.

Now to 145, Isabella Deeds of Ridge View taking on Nancy Bowman of Logan Magnolia... Deeds would get Bowman down and not let her go anywhere getting the Fall at 3:39 to keep moving her name along.

“It’s crazy, I love the environment. I love all the people here,” said Deeds. “The cheering is great, just the environment all together is great.”

Over to 190, West Lyon’s Jana TerWee going at it with Kaylee Nachtigal of Spencer. Both knew this one would be a battle. TerWee gets her down and would keep her from moving using all her confidence to take this one in a 4-0 decision.

“It’s so special, it’s really amazing to be in a sanctioned tournament and now we have the whole state behind us,” said TerWee. “But like I’ve said before, even the sanctioning, not only did that say, ‘hey you have the support of the state,’ it showed girls that this is a very accepted thing.”

Closing things out with 235, the number one seed Olivia Huckfelt of Spencer meant business out on the mat as she gets the quick takedown and locks her right where she wants it getting the pin at 1:12 to move on to the semis.

“I haven’t forgotten anything, from the trip down here, to my first match and the second match to my teammates wrestling. I haven’t forgotten a single thing and I’m never going to forget this at all.”

And the memories will keep coming as these wrestlers continue into the semifinals on Friday.