History is made as Siouxlanders go for gold in first ever IGHSAU State Wrestling Tournament

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 11:33 PM CST
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CORALVILLE, IA (KTIV) We are getting closer and closer to finding out who the first-ever state champions will be at the girl’s state wrestling tournament.

We have seen some of the best wrestling in the state here at the inaugural girl’s state wrestling tournament, and more and more is on the line as five siouxlanders try to make their way into the championship rounds. The stage is set for day two of the Iowa girls state wrestling tournament... every moment is a new chance to keep making history.

And Sioux City North’s Molly Sek has been doing just that each round, she has yet to lose a match here in 115. She starts off with a big takedown here for an absolute body slam, then keeps her on the ground with nowhere to go eventually getting the tech fall for a 19 to 4 decision.

“As I keep going and keep progressing, my drive keeps wanting to push me more and more to the top of the podium. So, every day I come in with the attitude that I want to win my next match and I’m not going to lose and I’m not going to go down easily either,” said Sek.

At 125, Tatum Shepherd of Ridge View fighting through those bloody noses as she gives it her all on the mat. She would fall to Hannah Rodgers in a 9 to 7 decision but still has the chance to place.

The Raptors with a strong presence in the semis as Isabella Deeds is also going at it in 145. The one seed Emma Peach would twist her up to get the pin, but what a season for the Raptors.

West Lyon’s Jana TerWee back at it in 190, this one would take all the mental toughness. Still at zero heading into overtime, but TerWee uses her whole body to get the pin after a 7 minute and 30 second fight!

“I love the fight of this sport. I love that it pushes me to be a better person and I love that in the end the reward is that I could come out with a loss, but could go, ‘did you see what I just did? Did you see that I wrestled through that whole match?’” said TerWee.

And at 235, Spencer’s Olivia Huckfelt has been a dominant force all tournament. She gets her opponent on the ground and twists her up for the pin at just 57 seconds in a semifinal match!

“I really don’t care if I go out there and I or lose. I’m making history for Spencer, for the 235-weight class, and the state of Iowa so whatever happens, I’m going to be proud of myself for it,” said Huckfelt.

Well, it is finally time for the moment everyone has anxiously been awaiting. History has been made all week at the inaugural Iowa girls state wrestling tournament, but it all comes down to tonight where the state crowns the first-ever state champions.

You can just see the passion in every girl, every coach, as they take the mat. This whole experience has meant the world to them. Now let’s get right into it and see who will be crowned the first-ever state champions.

It all started with a grand march to honor all those wrestlers who have made history placing at the inaugural girl’s state wrestling tournament. Then it was go-time for Molly Sek at 115 taking on the top seed, Molly Allen.

Sek has dominated all tournament long. she puts up a strong fight for over four minutes but would ultimately get pinned finishing her run in second place.

“It’s a great experience. I’m just super proud to be a part of something so special. A hundred other girls, 400 other girls wish that they could be a part of this finale, and I’m just blessed to be a part of it,” said Sek.

In 125, Tatum Shepherd wrestling with pride still trying to place. Her determination pays off as she takes fifth place getting the pin 3:26 into this one, bloody nose and all. And her teammate Izzy Deeds going at it at 145, she takes a fifth-place finish as well in a 6 to 3 decision.

“This is just really cool, we’ve been doing this for quite a few years with these girls and for this to be the very first Iowa girls’ high school athletic union, it’s amazing. We’ve been fighting for sanctioning for so long, they put on an incredible show,” said Troy Greder, Ridge View Wrestling Head Coach.

Trista Guinn of GTRA and Western Iowa’s Kacy Miller going at it in 110 for 5th and 6th place. Miller would take this one in a 7 to 2 decision, but both will finish on the podium.

Now over to 190, West Lyon’s Jana TerWee with quite a fan club as she goes for a state title. She would fight her way through double overtime, but this one would end up going to the tie breaker as her opponent takes the 1-0 ultimate tie breaker.

Wrapping things up at 235, Spencer’s Olivia Huckfelt takes the mat determined more than ever to make history. She’s dominated this whole bracket and just has one more opponent to face.

She would get her down and use all of her strength, dragging that arm across as she gets the pin at 3:26 to crown her as the 235-state champion! The first girl to call herself those words in this weight class, that calls for all the celebrations with coaches and family and friends.

“Being the first-ever sanctioned 235 weight class wrestler, it just means the world to me, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides right here right now. Just thinking that in 25 years from now I’ll come back, and I’ll see my name as the first ever girls state champion, and it’ll always be up there. That’s just my favorite part about this whole thing,” said Huckfelt.