Feenstra touts “Ag Advisory Board” ahead of Farm Bill debate

Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 7:03 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Agriculture, and related industries, create one out of every five jobs in Iowa according to the Iowa Farm Bureau.

Congressional hearings to reauthorize the federal Farm Bill, will resume this spring.

KTIV’s Matt Breen talked with Congressman Randy Feenstra, Tuesday afternoon, to learn what the western Iowa Republican wants in that bill.

“Congressman, you said in an op-ed published in late January that, quote “...we need a strong, comprehensive Farm Bill” end quote,” said Matt Breen. “What does that look like?” “Exactly, right,” said Rep. Randy Feenstra, (R) Iowa. “Well I’m so excited that I’ve created an Ag Advisory Board because we need a seat at the table. We need people from all over Iowa to be represented on this Farm Bill. And, I want to hear from them, and listen to them, and then we can collaboratively put solutions together for this Farm Bill that’s coming up in October.”

“You mentioned that 60-member board gathered from across the 4th congressional district to advise you,” said Breen. “Why did you pick those 60 people?” “They’re from all across the board from corn to soybeans to cattle to hogs to veterinarians to FFA to equipment dealers to seed dealers to fertilizer dealers,” said Feenstra. “It runs the whole gamut of agriculture. When you think about it, when each of these components are successful, then our main streets are successful and our economy grows in Iowa. That’s why this is so important.”

“Wednesday morning you have a town hall focused on the reauthorization of the Farm Bill that’s in your district,” said Breen. “What do farmers and producers that you’ve talked to say they want in the new Farm Bill, specifically?” “I’m really looking forward to listening to people around the area at Alpha Ag Research in Sanborn,” said Feenstra. “The things that we’re really hearing is that we have to provide a safety net for our producers, number one. We also have to expand our export markets where we’re struggling. We have about a trillion-dollar trade deficit right now. Then, when it comes to energy, biofuels is so key. We have 42 ethanol plants in Iowa, and 11 biodiesel plants. And then conservation. We want to make sure we have conservation programs that producers can create and continue to grow and manage better when it comes to our soils, and to the waterways.”