Sioux City gym raised over $5,000 for animal rescue

Published: Jun. 10, 2023 at 3:42 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -Pups came in to Sioux City from all over to attend a local gym’s fundraiser for Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue.

Big Iron Gym in Sioux City held their second annual Pull for Pups event this afternoon, where 35 lifters came to pull their body weight in deadlifts in order to raise money. And pups came in from Noah’s Hope foster homes to attend the event, socialize, and hopefully get adopted.

“I love getting a whole bunch of people in here from the community even if they don’t go to the gym here. Because it find more people to be friends with, more adoptions, and it really just works out for the best,” said lifter Hailie Frankl. “I love pulling and getting to be with everybody, everyone would cheer you on and go along with you. It was a really fun experience”

On top of a $25 entrance donation, competitors were encouraged to find sponsors for the event that would donate per rep completed in deadlifts. And KTIV caught up with one lifter who had a sponsor that paid $30 per rep, and then proceeded to lift 52 reps; raising an extra $1,560.

“It felt pretty good. I thought I was going to be lifting less; my goal was to hit 40 so I definitely surpassed that,” said Tessa Huff. “And I was able to raise a lot of money in the effort, so it felt good.”

In the end, Big Iron raised over $5,000 for Noah’s Hope. And if you’d like to donate, or inquire about the pups at the event, they can be reached through the Noah’s Hope Facebook page.