Siouxland community celebrates 151 years as “Merrill Daze” gets underway

Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 9:41 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -The city of Merrill, Iowa celebrates 151 years this weekend.

”As far as this town I can never know enough about it,” said Merrill Mayor Bruce Norgaard, he also says there’s a lot of rich history that makes up 151 years. Fond memories and the past recounted to those who spend their days in the quiet community that sits along the Floyd River in Plymouth County.

“I can remember when the flood came through and I came down in 57 or 58 to the Shrine Circus with the YMCA and there were big huge what looked like glaciers sitting in the fields,” said Norgaard.

Recollections of years prior fast forward to younger generations who still celebrate the meaning of Merrill and the place they call home.

It was a day of community pride as city residents came out to celebrate Merrill Daze

“It’s Merrill, Iowa. Your daily driver you don’t get too many thumbs up but this you do,” said Thomas Leitrue, a Merrill resident and car show participant.

The car show attracted a crowd, and kid friendly and family fun activities filled the park.

The Merrill Fire department was keeping busy with some very basic training of what could be the future of the city’s fire department.

“It’s important so when they get to the age they might want to come out and join, we’re always looking for volunteers, in a small community the more we get the better,” said Brady Havener, the Captain of the Merrill Fire Department.

Many kids enjoyed spraying the fire hose and playing firefighter for a few minutes.

“We get to knock them down, that was really cool,” said Felicity, who sprayed the hose. “Because I like how you spray and it goes down and it’s so fun,” said Kinlee, who also sprayed the hose.

Norgaard says activities capped off with an ice cream social where neighbors were able to come together and enjoy a sweet treat.

“I just love being here. I love this town. I’ve got some of the greatest neighbors in town, it’s just a great place to live,” said Norgaard.

The events in Merrill will continue tomorrow. To see the lineup of times and events click here.