Amy Buster

Digital Content Producer
Amy Buster

Amy Buster joins the KTIV news team as a digital content producer.

She is a Sioux City native with more than 25 years of print reporting and editing experience, working in Siouxland and Kansas City metro area.

The majority of her reporting experience has been in features, and she has a special place in her heart for small businesses, non-profits, and animal stories.

One of the top interviews of her career took place when she was still in college at Wayne State College in Nebraska. She interviewed Dr. Sophie Freud, Sigmund Freud’s great, great granddaughter. She covered the first outdoor memorial for human trafficking victims. A breaking news story she assisted with was the Pink Slime lawsuit Roth Industries filed against ABC in North Sioux City. When she was working as an obituary writer at the Kansas City Star, she assisted with the obituary for South Sioux Journalist Harry Trysla.

She is a member of the Tri-State writers' group in Sioux City and enjoys helping other writers meet their literary goals.