Dawn Stange

Business Growth Consultant
Dawn Stange

Dawn is passionate about finding the most comprehensive plan that works for you and your business. Her goal is to help with the development of strategies that are balanced, fit your industry, and meet the individual needs of every advertiser.

Please contact Dawn to help you invest in a strategy that works to grow your business. She'll help develop a plan that will be comprehensive and get you results. These can include Broadcast TV, Streaming OTT, Targeted Ads, Social Media, or SEO/SEM, Targeted Email Campaigns and more.

Dawn says being part of a community that supports businesses in Siouxland is extremely rewarding. There is no better place to use her Marketing Degree and experience than with KTIV and Siouxland Businesses

"It is my pleasure to serve you as an extension of your business marketing team with knowledge and dedication to your growth."